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My work is about capturing the often overlooked beauty of our surroundings and presenting it in a more compelling way. As a photographer, I prefer working in black and white.


My Favorite Pen is a featured image for a new body of work entitled "Objects Once Familiar".  This collection contains over 300 images and  I am currently working on a book with my good friend Ron that features 55 images from this collection.  The book is scheduled for release in October 2018.  In March of 2019 a group of approximately 40 images taken from the book will be hanging in the APG Gallery at 75 Bennett St Ste B-1 Atlanta, GA.  The show is currently scheduled  from March 19th through March 23rd with a reception the evening of Friday March 22 from 6pm til 9pm. At this time both Ron and I will be available to sign books.  Please block this time on your calendar and we will look forward to seeing you!


My Favorite Pen

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